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Energy Alternatives



"The important thing in science is not so much to obtain new facts as to discover new ways of thinking about them."   Sir William Bragg 


The development of fossil fuel alternatives provides investors with a unique opportunity to participate in an important wave of value creation in the world economy.  We have been following the progress of operations spanning a wide range of fuel and energy developers. From photovoltaic cells to algae-based fuel to biodiesel from municipal waste, entrepreneurs are hard at work. There are also impressive energy savings from innovations that help consumers and industry use less energy in day-to-day processes.


Click on our novel index names in the column on the right to see which innovators we are following.


Follow along as we investigate these companies. We will be chronicalling our progress in weekly posts to The Small Cap Strategist web log.


We took a bit different approach in categorizing these companies than most alternative energy researchers.  For example, some investors might look at all types of solar energy sources and lump them together. However, we see significant differences in capital costs associated with producing photovoltaic cells versus the mechanical applications in solar concentrating panels. In our view, this has important implications for the business models of these two types of businesses - and for valuation.


Expect frequent updates to our lists as new companies start up...and some go out of business.  We may change our minds about which is the best category.  Do not be surprised to see companies deleted from our lists.



Please notice the beautiful images that brighten the front covers of The Atomics and Beach Boys Indices.  The Green Atom was created by Walex101 and NewLeaf Texture was photographed by Angi Wallace.  You can find Walex101's portfolio at Shutterstock and Ms. Wallace's work is on display at DeviantArt.












·         Beach Boys Index  -  fuel from the photosynthetic processes of plants


      Cellular Ethanol





      Alternate Oil and Gas

      Alternate Chemicals


·        Electric Earth Index -   harnessing earth's energy 





      Solar - Concentrating


·         The Atomics Index  -  energy from the atom


      Solar - Photovoltaic

      Hydrogen – Electrolysis


·         The Mothers of Invention Index - innovations in delivering and using energy

      Fuel Cells


      Smart Grid

      Efficiency Solutions

      Emissions Control

      Carbon Capture



      Electric Vehicles









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