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We are committed to providing accurate and relevant information about micro- and small-capitalization companies.  Whether Proprietary (outsourced research, consulting), Subscribed (user-paid research), or Sponsored (issuer-paid research), our capital markets consulting services and research publications give decision makers clarity and insight into a company’s potential.




We aim to complement your initiatives and want to be considered an extension of your financial team.  We can be fast acting and thorough in those projects involving due diligence, economic modeling, earnings forecasts, competitive analysis, market analysis, or valuation.


Recent Projects:

  • Due Diligence and Valuation in Social Media Sector
  • Valuation for Software Development Company in Ahead of Capital Raise 
  • Production of Data Room in Preparation for Strategic Initiatives in Internet Commerce Industry 
  • Interactive Cash Flow Model for Energy Project
  • Confidential Information Memorandum for Oil and Gas Refinery
  • Investment Plan and Criteria for Private Equity Fund


If you would like to discuss research services for your firm, please send an electronic message with your contact information to info@crystalequityresearch.com.


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A subscription to CRYSTAL REPORTS AND WEEKLY COMMENTS allows you to take advantage of decades of collective expertise in the micro- and small-cap sectors. A Series Subscription includes access to our analysts for consultation by telephone, electronic messaging or in person.


To subscribe, please send an electronic message with your contact information to info@crystalequityresearch.com or visit our Research Store.


Our research services can be also be customized to address your specific areas of interest. Our reputation is one of integrity and we have the ability to deliver a high quality service for an economical fee.


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Micro- and small-capitalization companies face many unique and complex challenges, not the least of which is the fair valuation of their stocks. Efficiency in pricing comes only to those securities for which adequate information is readily available in the public forum. Unfortunately, many fundamentally sound companies are passed over for research coverage due to the business constraints of traditional securities research channels.


Our program allows the issuer or an agent to sponsor FOCUS REPORTS or the CER REPORTS AND WEEKLY COMMENTS SERIES.  Sponsored research reports are posted on this web site for public access and distributed to a wide audience of institutional investors and other financial professionals. Coverage of qualifying companies is provided for an "issuer-paid" fee that takes the place of the subscription fee paid by users of our research.   Our Program is configured to maximize credibility by eliminating the conflicts implied by an economic relationship.


The Sponsored Research Program is designed for those companies that meet our fundamental criteria for coverage but fall under certain size thresholds - 1) $100 million in market capitalization, 2) 100,000 shares daily trading volume, 3) $5.00 per share or 4) listing on a national exchange.


Companies that would like to be considered for sponsored coverage may send an electronic message with the stock symbol or web site link to info@crystalequityresearch.com.


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All of our work is guided by the Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct set by the Chartered Financial Analyst Institute (CFAI).  We also support the ongoing efforts of the CFAI in developing Research Objectivity Standards and adhere to the Best Practices Guidelines Governing Analyst/Corporate Issuer Relations adopted by the CFAI and the National Investor Relations Institute (NIRI).



















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